Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Efforts To Save Atip's Memorial Getting Attention From Livable Streets Advocates Around The Country

The Streetsblog Network, a valuable and informative resource for sustainable transport, smart growth and livable streets advocates and planners across the country, have learned about our efforts to  save Atip's Memorial and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the deadly Park Blvd. 
& University Ave. intersection.

The Los Angeles chapter of has written a review on our blog and on the processes involved to preserve Atip's Memorial.  The full article can be seen here:

It's nice to see that the support from bicycling, sustainable planning, smart growth, and livable streets advocates is growing, not just in San Diego, but beyond it as well.

We didn't originally contact StreetsBlog about our blog, but the fact that they somehow found out about this case is encouraging.  We know that the supportive network is growing.

Cyclists, pedestrians, disabled people, children, and the elderly deserve safer, more livable streets.  The dangerous Park Blvd. & University Ave. intersection, the transit, social, and
cultural center of San Diego, is an ideal place to apply the ideas of the State of California's new Complete Streets Act.

We're working, in parternship w/ the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, and the backing of
the North Park Planning Committee, towards a real, permanent solution at this deadly intersection.  
Advocates all over the country are fighting similar battles.  Read about them at

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