Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Contact Street Divisions & Toni Atkins Office: Stop The Nov. 21 Removal

This isn't over. Now is the time to act.

Call or email Street Divisions!
Ask to speak to the Deputy Director.
619-527-7500 (from 7am to 4:15pm)

or send an email to hyousef@sandiego.gov
(Email is most effective because there is a record that you sent it. But calling helps, too!)

Let him know that you support the presence of Atip's original Memorial Bike, a work of public art.  
Ask him to observe the North Park Planning Subcommittee's motion for a 9 month grace period.
If you're concerned about the safety of the Park & University intersection inform him that you believe the presence of the Memorial Bike is a real reminder for 
cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to be safe and that the Memorial Bike improves awareness and safety in the intersection.

Another option is to contact Councilwoman Toni Atkin's Office.

Let them know you support the presence of the Memorial Bike.

Even though passions may be high at this point, please try as hard as you can to be polite.  The Deputy Director of Street Divisions is a polite person, he just made an extremely poor decision about this issue we strongly disagree with.
Please do not make any unncessarily rude comments and absolutely do not make any threats. Doing so will ruin the momentum of this cause this community has worked hard for.
The creator of SaveAtipsMemorial.blogspot.com in no way advocates any threatening behavior.

Please, do not burn any bridges by being inappropriate.  
There is a good chance that a long-term permanent solution or permanent structure will be approved down the line. Burning this bridge will reduce that likeliness. Yet, our concern right now is preserving Atip's original Memorial Bike.
We need your help to make that possible.

If you have any questions email me at SaveAtipsMemorial@gmail.com

Thank you.

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