Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Introduction

The account was created to offer a space and media platform for news, updates, and discussion pertaining to the Memorial Bike in San Diego, California which was locked-up to commemorate the life and death of our friend Atip Ouypron.

Considering that this blog-space was created over 130 days since Atip’s tragic death in the dangerous Park Blvd. & University Ave. intersection in between Hillcrest and North Park, it is virtually impossible to represent everything pertinent to his life, death, and memory. With the backing of the San Diego bike community and many of Atip’s friends, and with the help of your input, I will try as hard as I can to represent what has happened.

However, given the current place of time, this blog-space has one primary goal at this time: To help save and preserve Atip’s Memorial Bike.

On this Sunday evening of November 16, 2008, we only have less than five days left to save Atip’s Memorial Bike from being removed on November 21, 2008, by Street Divisions, a department within the City of San Diego.

If you continue reading you’ll learn the following:
-why this date was chosen by Street Divisions
-why Street Divisions has decided to ignore the North Park Planning Committee/Sub-committee’s formal request for a grace period on the Memorial Bike’s removal date.
-what has been done to move forward with the preservation of the Memorial Bike
-you’ll learn why Kathy Keehan, Executive Director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, supports the preservation of the Memorial Bike
-you’ll learn why the North Park Planning Committee: Public Facilities, Transportation, Public Arts, Parks Sub-committee motioned unanimously (6-0) on Nov. 6, to support the Memorial Bike.
-you’ll learn why I, as well as other urban planners, are working toward the preservation of the Memorial Bike
-you’ll learn why many pedestrians of the University Ave./Park Blvd. intersection, including every bicyclist in San Diego I’ve spoken with, as well as the friends in the community which Atip was apart of, believe that Atip’s Memorial Bike should remain.
-and you’ll learn why expressing your concerns (in an appropriate manner) to Street Divisions may help convince them to extend the removal date

Your constructive comments would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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